Happy Mother’s Day


Mom means the one who brought me into the world, who gave me life, the loveliest person i know, the strongest woman in the world, passionate person, the one who always believe in me, respect me, shouted at me, mature me, cares for me, dressed me, fought for me, laugh for me and loved me unconditionally.

No one in the world can replace you in my heart. No one!. Even I’m not always like you, argue and fight with you sometimes, ignored your words, made you cry, made you angry but i do love you so much. You’re my hero, my inspiration, my everything..

Believe or not i do really want to be a great mom like you soon. I cant imagine how would be my life without you. Thank you for all the prayers you gave me. One day you will see how proud you having me in your life. I’ll show you, I promise!



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Love you to the moon and back!


From your lovely daughter ♥♥





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